KC & Zander

A Letter from KC's wife, Dodie:

My husband got his first service dog shortly after he was diagnosed with PTSD.  Zander came into our lives at a time that his nightmares, depression and anxiety had taken over our lives and had sucked all of the life out of my normally vibrant, outgoing, and confident husband.  Zander immediately started waking him from his nightmares before they could negatively affect his day and calmed him when he left the house and his anxiety would start to kick in.  Zander allowed him to cut his prescription back to the bare minimum and significantly reduced the number over all he was taking.  Within a short period of time he was back to being my normal husband and was willing to go out and about without feeling overwhelmed, anxious and for lack of a better word, scared.  Zander also helped other’s whom he came in contact with.  On his good days, he would trigger on others who were having a bad day and lift them up, or bring it to my husband’s attention so that he might lift them up.  These dogs are amazing and give the families and the handler their lives back.  There is no end to their calming presence and the joy they bring the handler as well as the family.

David &Rex

A Letter from David's wife, Angela:

Rex came into David’s life at the most opportune time. David suffers from PTSD, as most do that have been involved in any life threatening  situation.  He was at the point that he really wasn’t excited about even getting out the bed in the morning. Since Rex was given to him, he has become a completely different person. He is more outgoing and energetic, but most of all he has someone to give him that sense of peace and calm just when he needs it.  I truly believe that service dogs can be life saving best friends that are priceless. I thank God all the time for allowing David and Rex to find each other. They are both goofballs who I truly believe  needed each other equally.