Changing Lives. Saving Lives. You are not Forgotten.

Taking Care of Our Own

We take pride in honoring and empowering our veterans and first responders that are in dire need of a service dog. Our partnership with the number one dog trainer school in the nation, Top Tier K9 (TTK9), we help provide the best training and education to our handlers and their dogs. We begin by selecting puppies from breeders that are fully vetted by TTK9, then we put each handler through TTK9's Pet Trainer class where they learn to train pets and run their own business as a trainer, if they choose to do so. 


Not Forgotten

Every day Veterans and First Responders are diagnosed with PTSD. Dealing with an ongoing battle at home doesn't have to happen alone. Service dogs help those that have served us in many ways.


Typically the process to obtain a service dog can take 2-5 years. However, with our revolutionary training, through Top Tier K9, the process in getting an essential service dog to a veteran, or first responder in need, is less than six months.


Application Process

To be eligible to enter the Forgotten Coast K9 program, you must either be a veteran and/or first responder.

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