At Forgotten Coast K9, our goal is to provide training and Service Dogs to Veterans and First Responders through corporate and private donations.



To honor and empower Veterans and First Responders that are in dire need of a service dog.  We have partnered with the number one dog trainer school in the nation, Top Tier K9, to provide training and education to our clients and their dogs. We begin by selecting puppies from breeders fully vetted by Top Tier K9 (TTK9), we then put each client through TTK9's Pet Trainer class where they learn to train pets and run their own business as a trainer if they choose to do so. After completing this course, they begin their service dog trainer class where they learn to not only train their own service dog, but service dogs for other veterans as well. By the end of their classes, our Veterans and First Responders will not only have a fantastic service dog that they trained themselves, but will also have the ability to start and run their own business. 

We believe we turn out the best handler/k9 teams in a time frame that just is not possible through the current government programs.


We hand select puppies from reputable breeders and begin their TTK9 Foundation Dog® training at 8 weeks old. The puppies are taught 50 elements that lead into 4 main functions that allow them to be finished as Service Dogs.


At Forgotten Coast K9, our coastline may have been forgotten

but our warriors never will be.

Forgotten Coast K9 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.